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Revitalize your home with innovative and ornate hanging light fixtures. Modern glass chandeliers and vintage pendant lighting designs give your place a modern yet cultural vibe that is sure to invite you and your guests to marvel at their beauty.

Reimagining Security – Light bulb security cameras

Our 1080p light bulb video cameras are sure to help you sleep better at night. Install them on your porch or garage and relax, knowing that you’re well protected. Seeing the surveillance tapes is as simple as pulling your phone out.

The two-way audio motion and night vision camera combine to make this hanging light fixture a must-have in all homes and offices. When turned on, the bulb will bring refined elegance and soft, ambient light to your place.

Classic designs for a modern home – The Vintage Pendant lighting fixtures

Explore the timeless beauty of the vintage pendant lighting that blends deep-rooted designs elegantly with modern art. Add originality and class to your office, hallway, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom with this simple hanging light fixture.